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I t is said that on a trip to the US in the s a German sociologist was astonished at the domestic arrangements of his American colleagues. How can you get any serious work done, he asked, without servants? The duties of a spouse and parent apparently do not sit well with deep thought and research, unless eased by paid help. The two often go together, but they need not. Consider the student parlour game of puzzling over who among the major philosophical thinkers had a conventional home life. In the ancient Greek world, Socrates was married with children but never got round to writing anything down. Plato, as far as we know, never married. Aristotle did marry, and one of his major works, The Nicomachean Ethics , is named after his son.

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The Dating of Plato’s Works by the Stylistic Method: A Historical and Critical Perspective. Front Cover. Leonard Brandwood. University of London,

Dating of the events in the Critias dialogue is in line with the data given in the Timaeus dialogue, with the exception of the precise dating of the war between Atlantis and Athens. Only the paragraph inserted within the introduction to the text on Atlantis in the Critias dialogue contains a precise numerical datum on when did the war between Athens and Atlantis take place years before the Socrates’ dialogue with Critias , related to a fictional talk between Critias and Socrates and not to the Solon’s talk with the Egyptian priests.

This is, however, in contradiction with the general genesis of the story. The fictional dialogue between Socrates and his guests in the Athenian port of Piraeus took place before B. Solon obtained the information on Atlantis in the town of Sais around B. This would date the war to around years before the Solon’s talk with the Egyptian priests.

Nevertheless, Egypt did not exist yet at that time according to Plato, so it could not get liberated from the Atlantean yoke by the Athenians. The paragraph emphasizing the hegemony of Athens among other population within the Pillars of Heracles was probably implemented to the Solon’s text by Plato or some of his disciples.


Book Reviews Gerald A. Press, editor. Plato’sDialogues:New Studies and Interpretations. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield,

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He was the student of Socrates and the teacher of Aristotle , and he wrote in the middle of the fourth century B. Nonetheless, his earliest works are generally regarded as the most reliable of the ancient sources on Socrates, and the character Socrates that we know through these writings is considered to be one of the greatest of the ancient philosophers.

These works blend ethics , political philosophy , moral psychology, epistemology , and metaphysics into an interconnected and systematic philosophy. It is most of all from Plato that we get the theory of Forms, according to which the world we know through the senses is only an imitation of the pure, eternal, and unchanging world of the Forms. Because they tended to distract us into accepting less than our highest potentials, however, Plato mistrusted and generally advised against physical expressions of love.

It is widely accepted that Plato, the Athenian philosopher, was born in B. E and died at the age of eighty or eighty-one at B. These dates, however, are not entirely certain, for according to Diogenes Laertius D. Later at 3. Both sides of the family claimed to trace their ancestry back to Poseidon D. We can be confident that Plato also had two older brothers, Glaucon and Adeimantus, and a sister, Potone, by the same parents see D.

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The journal publishes exceptional articles in all areas of Western philosophy from antiquity up to contemporary philosophy. The Archiv articles are distinguished by precise argumentation and lucid prose. In addition to publishing articles and reviews, the journal occasionally features a discussion section where particularly controversial positions are debated. Open Access.

Dating of Plato’s Works by the Stylistic Method. A Historical and Critical Survey. (​diss., University of London, London ); W. K. C. Guthrie, A History of Greek.

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Nearly 2, years ago, the philosopher Plato described Atlantis as a mighty state that possessed 10, chariots, advanced technologies, vast numbers of elephants and bulls, and a series of complex canals. And now, in a new documentary, a U. But one archaeologist said that the ruins likely belong to another ancient culture, and several researchers interviewed by Live Science could barely contain their exasperation when they heard the news of yet another Atlantis discovery.

People have made dozens of such claims over the years, locating the legendary society in Antarctica, Bolivia, Turkey, Germany, Malta, the Caribbean and elsewhere. And these guys, they have done just about everything they possibly can to set off my bullshit detector.

Concerning the date of Plato’s Phaedrus. Anna Usacheva. Research output: Contribution to journal › Article › Scientific › peer-review.

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Joyal Mark. The textual tradition of [Plato], Theages. Le texte du dialogue platonicien Theages est transmis par 37 manuscrits.

Marble statue of the ancient greek philosopher Plato in front of Academia- Athens​, Greece. ‘Plato, as far as we know, never married.

Along with his mentor, Socrates , and his student, Aristotle , Plato helped to lay the foundations of Western philosophy. Plato’s sophistication as a writer is evident in his Socratic dialogues ; thirty-five dialogues and thirteen letters have traditionally been ascribed to him, although modern scholarship doubts the authenticity of at least some of these. Although there is little question that Plato lectured at the Academy that he founded, the pedagogical function of his dialogues, if any, is not known with certainty.

The dialogues since Plato’s time have been used to teach a range of subjects, mostly including philosophy , logic , rhetoric , mathematics , and other subjects about which he wrote. Based on ancient sources, most modern scholars estimate that he was born in Athens or Aegina [b] between and BC [a] His father was Ariston. According to a disputed tradition, reported by Diogenes Laertius , Ariston traced his descent from the king of Athens , Codrus , and the king of Messenia , Melanthus.

Ariston tried to force his attentions on Perictione, but failed of his purpose; then the ancient Greek god Apollo appeared to him in a vision, and, as a result of it, Ariston left Perictione unmolested.

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Digging on a coastal plain at the Gulf of Corinth three years ago, archaeologists came upon some ruins of Helike, a Greek city destroyed by earthquake in Plato’s time. A search for the rest of Helike has now turned up something even more ancient, rare and inviting. The archaeologists say they have uncovered the stone foundations, cobbled streets and pottery of a well-preserved 4,year-old urban center, one of the few Early Bronze Age communities ever found on the Greek mainland.

Preliminary investigation at the prehistoric site, the researchers say, reveals that this was a prosperous town at the time pre-Homeric Troy enjoyed one of its richest periods. The new-found ruins yielded a tall cylindrical cup in the style of graceful cups known from Troy, suggesting a wider Trojan influence than previously established.

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